Ozark Trail 100 Runner Status (Site Updated Nov. 5th 2012)

The 2012 Ozark Trail 100 Miler has ended, these are the final race results.

A big thank you to all the radio operators, software developers, aid station volunteers for making this Live Web Cast a reality! The 2012 OT-100 was great success because of the hard and long hours you put into the OT-100 communications. Also I would like to thank all the runners and their crews on behalf of the communications team for their cooperation with the team throughout the duration of the race. It was a pleasure working with you all.

See you next year! ~ Josiah McCampbell KD0FCW on behalf of the Communications Team


These results are not official and represent the best information currently available.

Official race times will NOT be corrected for the time change at 2am on Sunday. Times listed here are in Central Daylight Time.

These results are for informational purposes only and may contain errors. The communications team shall not be held responsible for any errors contained herein, including but not limited to manual data entry, power outages, radio failure, or any other event that causes the publishing of incorrect data.

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If you discover any errors in the runner stats or other problems on this site please email the webmaster at techfirestudio@gmail.com Put "OT100 WebCast" in the subject line for faster action. Or simply drop by the communications center at race headquarters and tell us, we'd be glad to meet you and correct the problem as our schedule permits

If your request is concerning a problem with the site and not runner data errors please include detailed steps on how to reproduce the problem and the device and operating system you were using when you encounter the problem. (ie: Windows 7 Laptop, Android Samsung Galaxy S II, or iPhone 4S)

Your contribution is greatly appreciated

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